Registered Organic

Organic Growth Burst

Registered Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) and other independent organic certifying agencies. Organic Growth Burst is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-caustic soil enhancer that is safe for plants, people and pets. 

Eliminate Synthetic Chemicals

Harmful Side-Effects

When you read the labels of manufactured herbicides, pesticides and fungicides you will see that many of them are “broadband” products designed to kill a wide range of insects and fungus that can include beneficial insects and funguses that are essential to soil and  plant nourishment (Yale University). Bees, butterflies, ladybugs and natural fungus that help plants and soil become collateral damage with each application (United States Fish and Wildlife Service). 

Fertilizers can be harmful in several ways, first they can make the soil acidic and deplete it of beneficial nutrients, micro-organisms and minerals. The result is hard, compacted unhealthy soil that is deprived of oxygen and moisture that makes it harder for roots to flourish. 

Second, ammonia is often used to provide the nitrogen that plants need. However, ammonia can promote the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganism that can cause disease such as e-coli. 

Finally, relying on fertilizer to feed your plants is like using vitamins as a replacement for eating nourish food; it just does not work. It is best to eat the healthy food and minimize or eliminate the need for vitamins. 

Monarch butterfly pollenating wildflowers.

Monarch butterfly pollenating wildflowers.

Application of Organic Growth Burst

Unlike chemical products that cannot be applied before or after rain, Organic Growth-Burst thrives in water so it is advantageous to apply it before, during or after rainfall. 

Soil is the “Guts” of Plant Life

Organics are "Probiotics for Soil"

Plants, shrubs and trees are similar to people in the way that they are nourished. Eating a diet of processed and unhealthy food may upset your stomach and leave you unnourished, less vibrant and unhealthy. Adding healthy foods to your diet such as fruits and vegetables are a good start, but adding foods loaded with probiotics such as yogurt, and cottage cheese will introduce healthy enzymes, microorganisms and beneficial bacteria that when digested, remove toxins in the stomach and processes healthy nutrients throughout the rest of your body (Cleveland Clinic and Harvard Health Publishing). 

For plants, soil acts as a stomach and stores the food that feeds the plants. Unfortunately, continued use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals can kill or reduce the presence of healthy bacteria in the soil. Organic Growth Burst acts as a probiotic to heal and nourish soil naturally and create a healthy plant environment.

Soil rich in nutrients is the most important factor to vibrant plant growth.

Soil rich in nutrients is the most important factor to vibrant plant growth. 

Increase Cation Exchange Capacity

Organic Growth Burst contains "cations,' positively charged plant nutrients that attaches to clay and soil that are negatively charged. This creates a reaction that will break them the soil and clay and allow plant roots to grow more freely. 

Watch the first two minutes of the video to see it in action. 

Video provided by: New Mexico State University, the USDA and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. 

Organic Material Enriches Soil, NATURALLY

Using Nature's Fuel to SuperCharge Plant Growth

Organic Growth-Burst contains rich minerals, elements and microorganisms that are required for plant growth and development, we also add molasses that serves as a source of energy for the microorganisms that gives them an added boost (The Pennsylvania State University College of Agricultural Sciences). 

Our manufacturing process is systematic, the order that we add each component produces specific chemical reactions that will make the microorganisms and bacteria dormant until application. We sell Organic Growth Burst as a concentrate and when mixed with water and applied to soil that is at least 40-45 degrees the microorganisms will activate and begin to multiply at a rate of 10^23 in a 48-hour time period.

The dormant microorganisms are hungry and will feast on harmful elements in the soil. In doing so they will produce micro and macro nutrients that will be available to the plant life. This process also breaks up the soil and provides air space for soil to breath and attract water. Without this space the soil can either be oversaturated which can drown the plant, or dried and compact and restricts root growth (Cornell University)

Plants have thrived naturally long before humans applied manufactured chemicals to the soil.

Plants have thrived naturally long before humans applied manufactured chemicals to the soil.