features and Benefits


Organic Growth Burst Nourishes Soil

  • Breaks down soil to promote root growth
  • Retains moisture in the soil so requires less watering and provides plants with better drought survival
  • Diminishes salt in the soil and its sterilizing effects on plants
  • Breaks down plant toxins
  • Digests old weed seeds
  • Provide remediation by breaking down chemicals in the soil 
  • Nontoxic, safe for people and pets


Organic Growth Burst will:

  • Introduce beneficial organic fungi into the soil that is absorbed by a plant’s root system, which boosts its water and nutrient absorption capabilities and provide greater drought resistance
  • Transforms nitrogen from a gaseous form to usable nitrogen compounds that plants can absorb (Microbial Life - Educational Resources)
  • Inject healthy microorganisms that provide increased protection against insects, harmful bacteria and microorganisms that can cause disease (New York Botanical Garden)


Results from Organic Growth Burst

  • Provides a bounty of nutritious microorganisms that provide plant healthy food 
  • Increase in organic matter in the soil that provides natural nourishment and nutrients to plants (SARE: Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
  • Promotes Cation Exchange Capacity that keeps increasing. Cations are positively charged plant nutrients that attach to clay and soil—which are negatively charged—and beaks them down to loosen the soil for better plant growth. Over time, hardpan soil (e.g. clay) will disappear  (Soil Quality, Australia
  • Produces, new, darker, richer topsoil that goes deeper into the soil each year with continued treatment
  • Fruit and vegetable garden harvests will have higher yields and will reap in more cycles
  • Raises the sugar level in plants and bugs cannot handle it
  • Produce will be sweeter and contain denser nutrients


Organic Growth Burst Saves You Money and Time

  • For best results apply twice a year: Spring and late-summer or early fall. However, it can be applied only once a year
  • No need to fertilize your lawn four times a year with synthetic chemicals
  • Eliminates the need to apply herbicides, pesticides and fungicides
  • Soil rich in organic microorganisms requires little, to no synthetic chemicals because it uses nature’s natural “Soil Food Web”  (USDA.gov)
  • Healthier plants are stronger and naturally repel insects and  disease better
  • Organic materials in Organic Growth Burst provides calcium, reducing the need for lime to balance soil pH levels