Product Benefits



Treated with BURST:               Untreated:

> Flocculated Soil                         > Compacted Soil

> Aerobic Bacterial Activity      > Anaerobic Bacterial Activity 

> Increased Plant Growth         > Standard Plant Growth      

> Earthworm Activity                  > Minimal/No Earthworms

> More Cost Effective

Balance soil pH

Carbon retention and activation and restoring balance to the soil always go hand in hand. Balancing the soil is a means of getting plants to retain and activate carbon, which in turn helps to bring greater balance to the soil.

Restoring a balance to nutrients in the soil in the best and most cost effective way to balance soil pH.

Although lime is typically used to bring up pH, it is more expensive and less effective. Also, sulfur gets tied up when lime is applied.

Our product is the best way we know of to both activate carbon retention and activation and restore soil balance (resulting in near neutral soil pH).

Gain a huge increase in organic matter

Organic matter IS carbon, and carbon IS organic matter. The best way to build organic matter in the soil is through activating carbon retention and activation.

This can build organic matter in the soil up to 10 times faster than green manure, crop residue, mulch, compost, and any other method. One farmer, whose only means to build topsoil, saw his organic matter go from 0.4% to 4.7% in just 8 years.

On the other side of things, nitrogen applications burn up organic matter.

Improves Moister Retention

As the soil becomes highly structured due to carbon retention and activation, there is less and less standing water in the field. Soil becomes a "moisture bank".

For those with irrigation, it can take 1/3rd the irrigation water to grow a crop, since available moisture is handled so much more efficiently by the soil.

Our customers note that when they get a hard rain, there is much less water standing in the field, and each year the absorption of water into the soil improves.


A Soil Trial in Minnesota was performed to prove that Organic Growth Burst eliminates glyphosate in the soil.

 Importance:  concerns about glyphosate's effects on humans {liver, kidney, brain & lung damage - digestive problems - lymphoma - sleeping problems, etc.}.  

Soil sample:  Taken from the trial was sent to Columbia Food Labotatories at Corbett, Oregon.

Results:  Glyphosate = Not Detected by Columbia Food Laboratories.  Glyphosate metabolite .13.  {Metabolized Glyphosate does not act like glyphosate and will eventually disappear}.

BURST Testimonials

Garden Testimonial: "My husband and I used this product this year (2017) for the first time. About March or so, we hand sprayed our garden and vegetable boxes with the recommended dosage of Growth Burst and then tilled it into the soil or in the boxes, turned the soil before planting

The first vegetables we planted were onions and potatoes. We planted onions in some flower pots (no Growth Burst) but potting soil as well as in the garden between the hills of potatoes (with Growth Burst). There was definitely a difference between the sizes of the onions - the garden being quite a bit larger even though the flower pots had potting soil. Also, the garden onions were harvestable earlier.

Potatoes - We have never seen so many potatoes - we planted 3 rows - a red, a white, and a yellow. All three did well, but had we known how much they would produce, we would have only grown 1/3 row of each. Few bugs on the potatoes; very easy to dig - not too deep, not too shallow - just the right depth. We could dig them with our gloved hands... few were exposed to the sun (which turns them green)... just a much looser soil in which to work.

Beets were planted next - we think what we noticed most about the "many" beets is the germination rate even though we were using one and two year old seed...most of them sprouted in contrast to previous years when I planted 2 and 3 times to get enough. We have canned and canned beet pickles and still have beets in the garden as of September 2017.

Beans followed - usually we plant and re-plant beans, but not so this year; only had to plant once and practically every seed germinated. I have opened up my garden to several of the neighbors to pick beans and am now in the process of drying "shellies"; probably will not buy soup beans this Winter since we have enough to dry ourselves if we have the energy to preserve them.

Cucumbers and peppers (both sweet and jalapeno) were abundant. Lots of homemade pickles this year. We should not be buying pickles this Winter - which is unusual.

Tomatoes - oh so sweet tasting! Yes, some were heirloom, but not all and they were all extremely sweet - exceptional! No bugs or worms on the tomatoes and last year, the bugs devoured the tomatoes. We have just planted fall tomatoes (about August 1, 2017) and they are doing nicely...should have green tomatoes to put in "cold room" of our basement and anticipate have fresh tomatoes through December 2017  and maybe January 2018. Their flavor will probably not be as good, but still much better than hot house tomatoes from the grocery. I have canned, frozen, and dehydrated tomatoes and have given away lots. The Romas have done exceptionally well as have the Early girl, Beef Steak and the heirlooms...a very bountiful harvest. All our neighbors love us - so much to give them this Summer.

We have just dug our sweet potatoes - WOW! Each hill had 15-18 nice sized sweet potatoes and we planted 24 plants so several bushels of sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes were so easy to dig - again the soil seemed much looser and we had potatoes galore, contrary to last year when we had vines galore.

Our garden has never produced this well!!! WE have harvested to can, freeze, and dehydrate or dry so much, not to mention what we have given away. The soil seems so much looser and more manageable, and there seems to be fewer bugs. If we get to continue to use GROWTH BURST, we may need to decrease the size of our garden - one can eat, can, freeze, dehydrate, and give away just so much product. Thanks to the product GROWTH BURST, our Summer harvest has been much easier and more bountiful." - Margaret Stewart

Tree Testimonial"Tom Wafford sprayed my pear tree this Spring. It produced 50% more pears than the previous two years.They were twice the size they have ever been.I put the Growth Burst on two jalapeno plants that produced over 30 peppers each. My Japanese Maple tree grew over a foot since Spring. The dinner plate hibiscus produced triple the amount of flowers and is still blooming. I am very pleased and amazed how this product works. The pear tree had a blight on the trunk and branches before getting sprayed. It is gone." - Goldie Dunaway