Garden treated with Organic Growth Burst Soil Enhancer Flourishes in Drought

Garden Flourishes with Organic Growth Burst

And Thrived During a Summer Drought

In early spring  we applied Organic Growth Burst to the soil of our 25' x 75' garden. That was all we did, per the advice of Tom Wafford, we did not add any other fertilizers or pesticides all season. The result was  the most beautiful garden we have had! 

We had the best crop of tomatoes ever and they were sweet and plump too. Our corn, potatoes, tomatoes produced more than we have ever had. Our zucchini bloomed and produced until the frost. We just dug our sweet potatoes after the frost and they were the most and biggest we have ever had. We have been complimented so many times about our garden. 

We pulled up our green beans after 3 pickings because we already picked 125 quarts canned. The green beans probably would have kept blooming and producing all summer. 

Overall, we had much less weeds than in years past. Plus, we had no tomato blight, no corn worms, no potatoes bugs and no bean worms.

A local newspaper drove by our road and noticed our garden and took a picture of it and put it in their paper. The amazing part is we have had a minor drought this summer and the garden wasn’t watered by us because the soil stayed moist.

- Carrie (Milan, Indiana)